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You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.
- Matthew 5:14
A prepared people, preparing the way for the Lord
There were 613 laws in the first five books of the Old Testament (called the Torah); 248 of them were the Do's, 365 were the Do Not's. The Talmud was a book of even more laws designed to protect the laws given by God in the Torah.  Hear sermons such as: The Letter vs. the Spirit of the Law, Overcoming Oppression, Living a Life Free of Shame, etc on the sermon page.
We are known in this area as a friendly church.  This is the love of God portrayed in his people. As pastor of Lighthouse Temple, I welcome you and invite you to share in our worship.  Sign our guestbook (below) or contact us. We'd love to hear from you.
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Ministry opportunities!  Check them out on the News page.
Fun in the Sun
~ A Community united~
We are currently in the planning phase of this years events.. 
come back for updates.
this years events will hopefully include a Block Party ~ Fishing ~ Swimming~ Splash Park & a Day camp!

The missionaries we have selected to support through the Mission Venture Plan are Dave & Kathy Brandt in Tijuana, Mexico. Visit Dave & Kathy's site at www.puentedeamistad.org and The Gaitins in Nicaragua
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Roots Class!! 
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